Mobile App (04.26.21) Release



  • Notification Linking

    • This functionality is supported in the legacy app however prior to this release it did not work with the Next Gen App. The new app will now support links to events, articles, etc. while sending push notifications.

  • Major Changes to Select Player Functionality.

    • Currently when players are added to a tee time, they are added in the player 2,3,4 slots in the order they are added. A few clubs have requested a behavior change so that if the 4th slot is selected then the player added will properly be added to that slot. Currently this behavior change is a toggle which will be turned on for a few beta clients. It will not be live to all clubs initially.



Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in issues when starts were shifted

  • Fixed an issue that prevented dependents from showing up on the Select Player screen

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Member Type field from displaying in the directory to other members when set to be visible to members

  • Fixed an issue with search fields that prevented it from properly searching names with apostrophes

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