Kitchen Display System - Overview - Stations

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  • The Stations Tab within KDS allows the club to establish the stations (screens) that the items will display.  You are given customization abilities for ticket time parameters and the sizing and color scheme of the station.

Required Permissions


Accessing the Tool

  1. Access the MPOS system.

  2. Select Flyout Menu.

  3. Select Mobile POS Config.

  4. Select KDS.

  5. Select Stations tab.

Once Stations has been selected, you will see the Stations landing page, here you can:

  1. Create a new Station.

  2. Download the Station list.

  3. Print the Station list.

  4. Refresh the Station list.

  5. Change the view of the list from Active to All.

Add/Edit Delete Station

From the landing page you can also Edit, Duplicate, or Delete any existing Station.

  1. Check the box next to the Station that you are wanting to Edit, Duplicate, Delete.

  2. Choose the option for the task that you wish to complete.

    • Choosing Duplicate will require name changes so that it will be a different station.

    • Delete will prompt with a confirmation.

New Station

Once you select New Station, you can begin filling out how the station is going to work and what it is going to display. 

  1. Station Name - Enter the name this station will display.  This will be used for station routing when applying rules to items for which screen they will display on.  

  2. Description - Enter a brief description of the station.

  3. Expo Station - Required for all Line and Facing Station Types.

  4. Station Type - Choose if this station is to be Line, Expo, or Facing.

  5. Ticket Controls - Set for ability to control or move any ticket verses only moving the first and last ticket.  

  6. Station Color - Choose the color you wish this station to be.  Can only be done for Line or Facing as the Expo will inherit its color from the dependent Line or Facing Station.  

  7. Item Text Size - Set the text size that will display on your KDS.  

  8. Layout - Set to One or Two Rows for item placing within the KDS.

  9. Audible Alert - Turn on or off for warnings and notifications.

  10. Ticket Parameters - You can choose when a ticket enters a different status using the sliding scale.  Green is on time, Yellow is warning, Red is past due.

  11. Set Unique Times Per Course - If selected you can set specific time expectations for every course number.

  12. Save - When all configurations have been made, save to complete. 

Best Practices


  • Q: Can we have 2 stations with the same name?

  • A: No, if you try to use the same name on a new station, the system will give you a message stating it cannot be used. Simply re-configure the existing one using that name or give the new station an identifier. EX: Grill Expo and Grill Expo 2