Navigating the KDS Tab on Mobile POS

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  • Servers and managers can use the KDS tab on POS interface to receive a quick overview of the full lifecycle of a ticket.  

Required Permissions


Accessing the Tool

  1. To access the Mobile POS Application, click the Clubessential POS icon on your tablet device. You can also access Mobile POS from a web browser and then going to the Mobile POS website. 

  2. Enter PIN

  3. Click the KDS tab on the Mobile POS interface. 

KDS Tab on POS Overview

The KDS tab on the Mobile POS interface provides a quick overview of the full lifecycle of a ticket. The following information is provided on this interface: 

  • Clock Icon – quick color-coded visual to allow you to see where the ticket is in the lifecycle and identify any delays  

    • Green – good  

    • Yellow/Orange – warning 

    • Red – bad  

    • Blue – complete 

  • TKT# – the ticket number 

  • Table – table number for the guests on the ticket 

  • Expo – total time from when the ticket was sent to the kitchen to when it was served to the guests 

  • Sent – time ticket was sent to kitchen 

  • Fired – time the food on the ticket began cooking 

  • Sold – time ticket was sold by expo 

  • Served – time food was served to table 

  • Search – used to search for specific tickets by inputting a ticket number 

There are also 2 view options while reviewing tickets in the KDS tab: 

  • My Tickets – the default view to review your assigned tickets  

  • All Tickets – view all active tickets 

The bottom panel on the KDS tab has three action items that are standard to all Mobile Point of Sale interfaces:  

  • Select Table – used to initiate the dine-in experience and assign a party to a table and server 

  • Quick Ticket – used to initiate the take-out dining experience 

  • Exit – used to close out of Mobile POS  


Best Practices