KDS Overview

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  • The Kitchen Display System (KDS) is used by chefs, line cooks, expediters, and restaurant managers to streamline the dining experience and improve communication between front-end and back-end staff. It is a paperless system that is fully integrated into the Clubessential Mobile Point of Sale. 

Required Permissions


Accessing the Tool

  1. Login to the KDS system. 

  2. Select the station you will be working at. 

KDS Grid Overview:

Within the KDS Grid, you will have access to the following tools to streamline your daily workflow:

  1. Settings – used to customize the following aspects of the KDS monitor:

    1. Item Text Size

    2. Ticket Layout

    3. Audible Alert

    4. Read Only

  2. Station Switcher – dropdown used to view the workload of other stations

  3. Ticket Window – this is the area where that live tickets will be displayed

  4. Bump Bar – used to provide additional ticket actions, including printing and moving tickets

  5. View History – used to view and reopen closed tickets for up to a 48-hour period

  6. Filter – used to search for specific tickets

    1. Search – insert the table number, ticket number, or member

    2. Show Only – narrow down search results further to show only Mobile Orders and Overdue Tickets

  7. Show All Day – used to display a list of all items from all open tickets with counts


Best Practices