Directory Management


The Directory houses all active members and staff members on the website. It is necessary for anyone using the website to be in the Directory in order to have website access, however, you may turn off any user’s ability to access the website at any time. The Directory is typically set up with a sync to the club’s accounting system using Clubessential’s application RosterSync, or it may be synced using the Office Products. Both systems allow club admins to update their accounting software for member changes that will then update on the website Directory (Office systems update automatically so changes must occur within the Office accounting suite, while 3rd party systems must be updated manually by running RosterSync).


Required Permissions

  • Admin

  • Editor

Accessing the Tool

Admins: Hover over Admin bar in the left hand corner of the screen, select Directory.

Editors: Hover over Admin in the main navigation, select Main Tools, and then Directory.

The Directory interface screen will launch.

Directory Tabs for Admins/Editors

The Directory will offer different options and views depending on if you’re a member compared to being an Admin or Editor. Below will detail the layout for Admins/Editors.

Club Members

Club Members is the first tab in the Directory.

  1. Use the Search Field to search for members by Last Name, First Name, Member Number, or Email.

  2. The Active Members Dropdown allows you to toggle between various lists to show: active members, inactive members, and members. 
    Note: members can stay in the directory and be inactive unless removed.

  3. Click on the letters to show members with a last name starting with that specific letter.

  4. Click Show All to list all members on the screen at once.

  5. Click the Edit Disclaimer link to open the Editor to add text, hyperlinks, or imagery above the Directory Listing. This will be visible on the Club Members, Staff tab, and My Profile page.

  6. Click on a member’s name in order to view or make edits to their profile. 

  7. The Impersonate User button allows you to experience the site as the user.

Staff Tab

The Staff Tab offers similar options as the Club Members tab, but it is limited to Staff Members.

  1. Search staff members using their last name, first name, member number, or email address.

  2. Staff members are listed alphabetically by last name.

  3. Show All Staff will list all staff members at once.

My Profile

The My Profile tab will list all account information on file for the member.

Search Tab

The Search tab allows you to search for members, staff, admins, or editors based on any information used in the directory. Simply follow the prompts for information you’re looking for and then click Search for Members at the bottom of the screen to return results.

Export Tab

The Export tab is used to export directory fields into a .csv file for use offline.

  1. Use the Select Users to Export drop-down to pull fields for Members, Staff, or both Members and Staff.

  2. Select fields in the Available Directory Fields box, then click the Add to Export button.

  3. Once all fields are in the Included Directory Fields box, you can choose to reorder or remove fields by using the Move Up, Move Down, or Remove Buttons.

  4. To create the export, click Run Export. This will generate a downloadable .csv file with the information based on the fields chosen.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab is where all settings are determined for the Directory.

  1. The Tab Settings allow admins to customize the names of the Directory Tabs. Unchecking the checkbox next to a tab name will remove this tab from display from members.

  2. Profile Settings determines the member permissions for various profile changes.

  3. Relationship Name Settings can be altered by typing in alternate names, and then clicking Save Relationship Names.

  4. Notification Settings determines which profiles changes will send a notification to the member. Admins or Editors may receive emails when a member, staff, admin/editor changes information by adding an email address in the Address(es) to Send Notification To and Send Notification Email When Admin Updates Profile fields.

User Statistics

The User Statistics tab will list all users in the Directory with information on their First Login, Last Login and Logins During Time Range.

  1. Use the Start and End Date pickers to change the date range and pull data from within a certain timeframe. Click Refresh to load the new dates.

  2. Click View next to the user’s name to view the user’s profile to make profile updates as needed. (For instance, if someone still has access to the website that shouldn’t and that user has logged in).

  3. Click More Usage Statistics to jump to the Site Statistics Module to run a detailed report on user logins that can be exported to a .csv file.

Additional Directory Management Resources

Adding a Membership

Changing User Passwords

Member Profile Updates

Best Practices

  1. It is best to never add members manually as members should be synced from the accounting system only.

  2. Add text, hyperlinks, or imagery above the Directory Listing and make visible on the Club Members, Staff tab, and My Profile page. This is a great area to add cross-marketing or disclaimers on the Directory.


Q: A member that was recently added to the directory is unable to be found by other members, why?

A: Find the member in the directory as an Admin or Editor - if the member’s name is Red then the member is hidden in the roster. You can change this by clicking their name > edit this user > and then make sure that the Display this user in the Directory checkbox is marked > save.

Q: I have a staff member that needs to receive emails from the website, but they cannot edit or login to the website - how do I add them?

A: Add the staff member as usual with the appropriate information, but click the Lock User From Logging In checkbox. Further, do not provide the login credentials to the user. Make sure the staff member is an Admin Level or No Admin Access.

Q: What fields does a member see when looking at the directory?

A: Fields that are listed in the Club Members tab will show to members.