Banquets - Member Sync Guide

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The Member Sync Feature is a one way push of Member information from the Office System to Reserve.

Required Permissions

  • CMA Admin Access

Accessing the Tool

  1. In the Office system, access the System Menu from the top navigation.  Within the System menu, select System Settings.

  2. Once in the System Settings Menu, select Partner Products from the dropdown. Next, select Reserve Gateway nested within the Partner Products navigation.

  3. Finally, select the Sync Tab to view the most recent pushes.

Member Sync

Checking the Log

  1. Following the same process as above (Office →  System → System Settings → Partner Products → Reserve Gateway) Access the Log tab. Double click on error to get explanation for why the member did not sync.


Common errors when syncing a Member:

  • Member must have a last name and email address

  • Last name field (and first name field, if they have one) must be 32 characters or shorter

  • One way communication for members, Office to Reserve

  • All members will sync to Reserve

Manually Sync Members

  1. System → System Settings → Partner Products → Reserve Gateway → Sync, Clear Last Member Push by clicking on the drop down and selecting Clear. Click Run Sync then Click Save or Save and Close

  2. Or, find the specific member in the search bar, click this Member, then Click Save or Save and Close

Best Practices

  1. To correctly Sync, Member must have a First Name and a Last Name as well as an email address. 

  2. Maximum character limit for names is 32 characters. 


  1. Why isn't my new member syncing over to Reserve Cloud?

    1. Make sure both the first name and last name in Office are less than 32 character long. You may need to shorten the name especially for organizations or universities. ex. Ohio State University Science Department could be shortened to  OSU Science Dep.