Banquets - Booking a New Event

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The first step in managing an event is to create the actual event to be managed.  This guide will walk you through creating or booking the original event.

Required Permissions

  • Admin Access

  • Level 1

Step by Step: Booking an Event

  1. Click on Events Icon.

  2. Click on New Event.

  3. Type Primary Contact’s First and Last Name in the Contact Field. Click Search.

    1. If Contact record is found, click on their name to select.

    2. If Contact record is not found, add contact in Office as a new member and wait for member to sync over to Banquets. For a step by step to do this, click here for New Member Wizard.

  4. Enter the remaining Event (red banner) and Function (gold banner) information. Required Event and Function fields are indicated with a red vertical bar. Click Save.

  5. If additional functions are needed, click Save and New Function.

  6. The Event will now appear in the Calendar.

Best Practices

  1. Add your contacts in Office and let them sync over to Banquets.

  2. Make sure the owner for the contact says GATEWAY_AGENT, if it doesn’t the information won’t come into Office.


  1. How do I move an event to a different date or time?

    1. When in the calendar view, you can drag and drop the event to the new day. When in the event, you can click on Move Event and follow the provided steps.