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  • With the Card on File settlement option, users can select credit card information the member stored within their online payments profile when closing out a ticket at Point of Sale. We will overview the process of closing a Mobile POS ticket to Card on File in this article.

  • Please Note: If the club would like to enable this feature for use in the Mobile POS please reach out to to begin this process.

Required Permissions

  • POS

Closing a Ticket to Card on File

Once the Member is ready to settle their ticket,

  1. Open the Mobile POS ticket and select Pay at the bottom of the screen.

  2. On the Settle Ticket screen, select Card on File.

  3. Next, Enter the Tender Amount.

  4. The Select a Card on File window will appear populating a list of saved credit card information for this specific Member. If more than 1 option appears in the list, select the card specified by the Member.

  5. The Settle Ticket screen will re-appear with a summary of the ticket and payment information. Verify accuracy, then press Done.

  6. Mobile POS will now return to the Open Tickets screen where the ticket just settled is now highlighted in Yellow. This indicates the User/staff can add gratuity and finalize the sale.

  7. Click on the yellow ticket to populate the Enter Gratuity window, enter the tip amount, then press OK.

  8. The ticket is now fully closed.


Best Practices