Office - Mobile POS - Member Check-in

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When a member should check into an area of the club and a staff employee will handle the process. Useful for access to the Pool, Fitness Center, Beach, etc.

Required Permissions

  • Areas (V,E) (For set up)

  • Create Ticket (V)

  • Reopen Ticket (V)

Setup Area for Check-in

  1. Navigate to CMA and select System from the Module Settings Row along the top of the screen.

  2. Select Areas from the drop down.

  3. Select the area from the grid needed for check-in.

  4. Navigate to POS options.

  5. Enable Show POS Check-in.

    • Use the Lookup to choose a Member and Guest Check-in item for each of the fields.

    • Enable Allow Family Check-in (this is used when a member brings their dependents and the club wishes to include them on the check-in ticket.)

Check-in at the POS

  1. Login to a POS device connected to the area set up earlier. (it will open to the new check-in tab on the main screen).

  2. Click the Lookup button.

  3. Select a member in the lookup. Use the search function for easier selection.
    Please Note: if Allow Family Check-in was not enabled this is the only step required.

  4. Next, select any other family members that should be checked in.

  5. Add the number of guests in the party if applicable.

  6. Click OK.

  7. If the guest counter was increased the system will move to a guest lookup. here select the guests or add new ones.

  8. If neither of the check-in items in office had prices associated with them the ticket will now close.

Adding Items to Check-in Ticket

If the member would like to add items to their check-in (such as snacks or cabana rental):

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of the check-in and select the now populated Add Charges button.
    Please Note: Only one Check-in can be selected at a time. If a dependent is selected instead of the primary, the primary will be on the ticket instead of the dependent.

  2. This opens the check-in as a normal ticket and items can be added before the ticket is closed.

  3. If more charges need added to the ticket after it is closed, simply navigate back to the check-in tab, select the check-in, then click add charges. This will reopen the ticket and allow for more charges to be applied.
    Please Note: If the employee does not have Reopen Ticket permissions the system will require an override code from an employee who does.

Best Practices

  1. Always enable family Check-in to ensure a correct reporting. This also includes the ability to check in Guests

  2. Use the Items Purchased By Members Report to get accurate tracking of member check-ins.

    • Make sure to disable “Hide zero balance purchases” and change the Spending Range to a negative low-end dollar value.

    • Optional to include Transaction Details for more information about what items were purchased.

    • Narrowing down the Item Categories or selecting a specific Item also helps.

  3. Most member check-in items are $0 and have a cost associated with the guest item. If this is the case the system will leave the ticket open until the club closes it out to whatever payment method the member chooses. at this point the ticket can be found and operated as a normal ticket under the Open Tickets tab.
    Please Note: If there are charges connected to the check-in a message will populate informing the employee the check-in could not be completed because the ticket total does not equal $0.


  1. Why can’t I add a guest to my check-ins?

    1. Family Check-in has not been enabled in the Area under POS Options

  2. Why can’t I add Charges to a check-in?

    1. Your employee profile has not been given reopen closed tickets permissions

  3. Can I track how long members are at my facility with the check-in feature?

    1. At this time the system is not set up for that by default.

  4. How can i set up a weekend vs. weekday guest fee?

    1. Set up the more expensive fee and connect it to the guest check in field in the area’s POS options

    2. Use the Price Scheduling Tool to discount said item on the specific days required. To learn more about the Price Scheduling Tool Click Here.