Office - Mobile POS - Square Setup

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  • The Square App enables Clubs to accept Credit Card payments on the Clubessential Mobile POS application/device.

Required Permissions

  • System

  • Add/Edit/Delete Area

  • Add/Edit/Delete Charge Settlement Types

  • Add/Edit/Delete Merchant Processing Tokens


Accessing the Tool

  1. Navigate to and create a Developer Account.

    • Please Note: This setup must be completed on a desktop. The settings will not save properly if using a tablet or mobile device.

  2. Select Create Your First Application.

  3. Name the application in accordance with Club standards, review the Square Developer Terms of Service and select Agree, then select Create Application.   

  4. Once the Square App is created, you access it from the Application Dashboard.

Square App Credentials

Once you create your Square App, please note these two items as listed on the Credentials page:  

  1. Application ID

  2. Personal Access Token.

    • Please Note: To access your Personal Access Token, you will need to select Show (to the right of the field).


Square also provides a Sandbox area for testing. The credentials for this area are provided in the Credentials menu on the left-hand side.

Configure API access with Clubessential POS App

Within the Square application:

  1. navigate to the Point of Sale API tab along the lefthand navigation.

  2. Enter “com.clubessential.posale” into the box labeled iOS App Bundle IDs.  

  3. Then enter “clubessential-posale” in the box labeled iOS App URL Schemes.

Android API Access

Within the Square application:

  1. Navigate to the Point of Sale API tab along the left-hand navigation.

  2. From the Point of Sale API menu, scroll down to the Android setup section, shown below.

    • Please Note: Enter both of the following sets of information for Android setup.

      • Package Name: com.clubessential.pointofsale

      • Fingerprint: 84:00:77:79:BB:E3:EE:47:8A:9B:B6:99:12:E7:9E:E5:81:F6:37:10

      • Package Name: com.clubessential.pointofsale

      • Fingerprint: D5:47:F1:C7:36:0C:E9:3D:81:24:2F:16:D9:F1:D2:F5:A2:77:D6:FA

Add Bank Info (Get Paid)

Square must have a bank account in which to send money accepted via the Square Reader. To set this up:

  1. Click My Business and then Go to Seller Dashboard in the top right corner.

  2. Click Setup Guide and then Get Paid.

  3. Within the Get Paid menu, Users can access a multitude of features to make getting your funds easy. Select Link Your Bank Account to get started!

Square Devices

Currently mPOS will work with:

  1. First gen, headphone toggle readers and

  2. Square Reader for contactless and chip (2nd generation) readers.

    • Note: The links above will take you to purchasing options via Square.

Configure Processor in Office

Within Office, navigate to System then Merchant Processing Tokens. Then;

  1. Create a new token with “Square” set as the processor.

  2. Enter the Access Token and Application ID from your Square App Credentials page retrieved previously. Then select Lookup and the location ID will populate.

  3. Click Save and Close when finished.

Once saved, you will have created your Merchant Processing Token. You will need to reference this token to set up area(s) for the Square Processor in the next step.

Charge Settlement Type

Users must set up the Charge Settlement Type in Office for the corresponding Area. Setting up the charge Settlement Type will effectively set up a POS button for Square charges on specific devices in specific Areas.

  1. To access, click System then Charge Settlement Types.

  2. To Create a Charge Settlement Type, navigate to the Charge Settlement Types Grid and perform either of the following:

    • Click the New icon on the toolbar.

    • Right-click anywhere on the Member Types Grid and select New.

  3. Next, name your payment type (1), for this example, we have named it Square. Then set the Debit Ledger to the Club’s Primary Operating Account (If you have questions on what this account should be, please consult with your Club Accountant).

  4. Select the corresponding Area (2) from the list in accordance with where the Square reader will be taking payments. For this example, we are using the Ocean Side Gazebo. Leave the remaining fields alone.

    • Please Note: The Name the section highlighted above (3) is the Display Name of the Square option in the POS.

Setup Area(s) for Square Processor

Next, configure each area(s) that will accept Credit Card Payments via the Mobile POS appropriately.  To do this:

  1. Go to System then Areas.

  2. Select the Area you to wish to set up with Square processing capabilities.

  3. Set the Cloud Quick CC option to the Charge Settlement Type you set up in the previous.

  4. Save and Close when finished.  Repeat as needed for other areas.

Best Practices

  • Setting up the Square App Sandbox account is a great way to test the product and/or train employees before fully implementing into the Club’s Mobile POS lineup.  

    • Please Note: This setup must be completed on a desktop. The settings will not save properly if using a tablet or mobile device.


  • Q: The API setup only shows iOS and Android in this guide, is this available for Windows devices?

  • A: The Mobile POS is only available on iOS/Apple Android devices currently. Click Here to learn more about compatible devices

  • Q: We don’t see the Square button on our terminal, why not?

  • A: Ensure the user has logged out and logged back into the POS to see saved changes.  Additionally, verify that the area(s) and/or terminal workstation(s) are configured properly to display the button.

  • Q. Can I use a square reader that has its own screen?

  • A. Currently only the readers that connect via the headphone jack and have no screen and the Bluetooth contactless and chip (2nd Generation) are compatible with MPOS. if the tablet in question does not have a headphone jack, and that is the version you purchased, it will require an adapter.