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  • Activities Reservations can now be accessed via the new cloud-based Mobile POS. These options allow Staff the freedom to Settle Activity charges from anywhere at the club with seamless integration across platforms. This guide covers how Check-In and Payments works for Mobile POS.

Required Permissions

  • mPOS Create ticket

Accessing the Tool

Mobile POS

Log into your mPOS via

Dashboard Overview

To access Activities on Mobile POS, Users will click on the Activities tab, as seen below in a retail Sales area. If you use the Clubessential Activities reservation system and you do not see this option, please contact us.

The Activities tab will open the daily view of the Activities assigned to this device's Area. You will see the following menu options along the top bar:

  1. Date Selector - Enables the club to select any date to preview any reservations on that day.

  2. Activity Selector - If the club has more than one activity based reservation system for an area, this drop down allows them to select the appropriate option. 

    • Please Note: Whichever activity was last selected, that one will populate if the club navigates away from and back to the Activities tab. 

  3. Resource Selector - When an activity has more than one resource (i.e. multiple pros, courts, fields, etc.) the club can filter by a specific resource. 

  4. Member Charge All - If the club has automated fees set up for their activity, this button will charge all reservations on the selected date. 

  5. Admin Dashboard - Clicking this will take the user directly to the admin dashboard for their reservation system where they can create new reservations or edit existing ones. 

  6. Refresh - This allows the user to manually refresh the Activities dashboard to pull in any changes made on the website. Please note - this does automatically refresh every 60 seconds as well. 

  7. Search - This allows you to search the selected activity/day for a specific Member or Guest's Activities.

Activities booking details include the Member or Guest Name, Resource, Duration, Paid status, and number of Participants. 

Activities Check-in and Settlement

Single Reservation

To select a single reservation in one step, click anywhere on the reservation line. This will open the who is paying for whom prompt. 

A reservation without the yellow or green highlighting means no ticket has been created. Once a ticket is opened or reservation is partially paid for, the ticket will turn yellow. The Paid column will also display the number of participants who have been paid for. A reservation highlighted in green means it is fully paid. The club can click any yellow reservation line again to open a new ticket. 

This window will show only people who are still outstanding. The club can then select whichever member is paying and the final unpaid people. 

Multiple Reservations

To create multiple tickets simultaneously the club can select the check boxes to the left of each reservation line, or can select the check all box within the header row then click Create Ticket. This will begin the process of selecting who is paying for whom on each reservation and opening tickets for each. 

A closed ticket can be previewed by clicking on the checkbox to the left and selecting Preview Ticket(s).

Best Practices


  • Q: How often does the Mobile POS Activity page refresh? Are my changes automatic?

  • A: The Mobile POS Activities will refresh on its own every sixty seconds. You can manually refresh to see changes before that by clicking the refresh button along the top ribbon

  • Q: What if we have a Card present transaction instead of a Member Charge?

  • A: Currently Member Charge is active and we have compatibility with Square or CE Payment on iPads for credit card transactions.

  • Q: How can I switch the view between activities or trainers when using Mobile POS Activities?

  • A: Users can toggle among activities (i.e. tennis, squash, lessons, etc.) by using the activity drop down and filter by resource (i.e. professional or court) using the resource drop down. 

  • Q: Can I delete a ticket associated with a reservation?

  • A: Yes. Deleting a tickets connected to a reservation does not delete or edit the reservation. It merely returns to its pre-highlighted state and the number of paid participants returns to zero.