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Tee Times can now be accessed via the new Mobile POS as well as in Classic POS. These options allow Staff the freedom to Settle Tee Time charges from anywhere at the club, even at the first tee, with seamless integration across platforms. This guide covers how Check-In and Payments works for both Mobile POS and Classic POS.

Please NoteClassic POS is the main POS program; tickets created in either Mobile or Classic can be edited, closed, or reopened in Classic POS. Whereas Mobile POS tickets can only be accessed, closed, edited, or reopened only in Mobile POS.

Use Case(s)

  • Golf Staff wants to check in and settle Members at the first tee, creating a smoother more unified experience for Members and the Club.

  • Golf Staff would like to continue to check in and settle Members from Classic POS in the Golf Shop.


Mobile POS

Dashboard Overview

To access Tee Times on Mobile POS, Users will click on the Tee Times tab, as seen below in a retail Sales area. If you use the Clubessential Tee Sheet and you do not see this option, please contact us.

The Tee Times tab will open the weekly view of the Tee Sheet. Upon opening, the Tee Sheet will auto-scroll to the current time. You will see the following menu options along the top bar:

  1. Member Charge All - This allows the user to quickly Member Charge all unpaid Tee Times for the selected course/day.
  2. Tee Time Admin Dashboard - This takes the user to the admin dashboard on the club's website. 
  3. Refresh - This allows the user to manually refresh the Tee Times dashboard to pull in any changes made on the website. Please note - this does automatically refresh every 60 seconds as well. 
  4. Search - This allows you to search the selected course/day for a specific Member or Guest's tee time.
  5. Date Selection - Click on a date to move back and forth when viewing reserved tee times. Arrows show on either side to view a previous or future week.

Tee Time booking details include the Member or Guest Name, Round Length, Course Transportation Fees, and any Greens Fees or Guest Fees. 

Using the check mark for multiple tee times allows you to add multiple Members/Guests to a single POS ticket. This can be particularly useful when checking in large groups that are not all paying individually. Tee Times shown in blue mean that they have not been charged yet.

Please Note: While Classic POS knows which reservations were paid for in Mobile POS, previewing a ticket that was generated in Mobile POS, must be done through Mobile POS itself.

Tee Times Check-in and Settlement

To check-in a Member or Guest, Users have two options:

1. Select individual player by tapping the checkbox to the right of the Player’s name.

2. Tap the time listed on the left, which will select all Players for that specific tee time.

Once the User selects a Member or Guest, the following options will appear to complete check-in and settle the ticket:

1. Create Ticket - This allows the User to create a ticket for each Tee Time and assign it to the reserving Member or first Member on the Tee Time. Use the Select All to pay for all players in the given Tee Time. The Member can be changed from Mobile POS Payment screen.

2. Member ChargeThis allows the User to quickly member charge the reserved tee time. When multiple Tee Times are selected for Member Charge, the User will see a confirmation screen to verify this action. 

Once Members are Paid in Mobile POS, their booking will now appear in yellow on the Tee Times tab. If the booking has not yet been paid it will reflect in blue here.

Tickets that have been paid in Classic POS will show here in gray. There is no check box for these as you are not permitted to take action on these within the Mobile POS; only in Classic POS where it was settled.


Once a Paid (Yellow) Tee Time is selected on the tee sheet, you will see the option to Delete Ticket in the top right corner. 

Once selected, there will be a prompt to confirm deletion. 

All settled Tee Times are reflected on the Full Site Tee Sheet with a green dollar sign showing they have been paid, as seen below.

Please Note: Tee Times that have not been settled will show the red dollar sign. 

Guest Charges

When in Mobile POS and using the Member Charge functionality with a mixed booking of Members and Guests, the system will clarify who is paying for each guest, as seen below.

Admin Notes

When Admin Notes are added for a tee time, they will display beneath the booking, as seen here.

A Read-Only Tee Sheet is available to provide a quick look at up coming Tee Times.

Classic POS

Tee Times are visible in the Classic POS under the Tee Times tab.

All Tee Times are listed here by Date and can be filtered by Course as well. Tee Times that have been fully paid for show in darker green and those that have been partially paid show in yellow. You can use the Filter dropdown to remove those groups that have fully paid by clicking Filter and choosing Not Paid.

To settle a Tee Time booking within Classic POS, select the Tee Time from the main tab; this will begin to create a ticket.

Create Ticket allows the User to select which Member is responsible for charges and for who. Once that is selected, the User can then settle the ticket within Classic POS.

Settlements remain the same for Classic POS.  Member Charge and Create Ticket both function as normal and will automatically sync and show as Paid in the Mobile POS Tee Times tab.

CMA/Classic/Mobile POS

All systems work together synchronously. Mobile POS and Classic POS both reflect all charges upon Settlement.

If a reservation is paid for in Mobile POS, Classic POS will show that the next time the grid refreshes. If you pay for a reservation in Classic POS, Mobile POS will show that the next time the tee sheet refreshes.

For example, when a Member is checked-in and settled via Mobile POS, Classic POS will also reflect those changes highlighting the paid Member(s) in green and listing them under the paid column, shown here.

Further, when the Tee Time is clicked, Classic POS will provide information on where the ticket came from, who paid, and allow the User to view, re-open, or delete the ticket.

Please Note: Classic POS is the main POS program; tickets created in either Mobile or Classic can be deleted or reopened in Classic POS. Whereas Mobile POS tickets can only be deleted or reopened only in Mobile POS.

Email Confirmation

Members can receive a confirmation email upon check-in with an attached receipt if you would like.

Edit Email Confirmation

The email template, snippets, and content can be edited within CMA. Navigate to System Settings, then expand the Web Site on the left menu. Here, click Office Cloud and double click the URL to open the Edit Office Cloud Endpoint window. Within the APIs tab, double click the name Axis. 

On the Tee Times tab, there is an option to edit the Email From Address, edit the body of the Confirmation Email, as well as Attach Receipt To Confirmation Email

Common Questions and Concerns

Q: How often does the Mobile POS Tee Times page refresh? Are my changes automatic?

A: The Mobile POS Tee Times will refresh on its own every three minutes. You can manually refresh to see changes before that three minute mark by changing dates and then reverting back. We will also be adding a “Refresh” button.

Q: What if we have a Card present transaction instead of a Member Charge?

A: Currently Member Charge is active and we have compatibility with Square on iPads for credit card transactions.

Q: How can I switch the view between courses when using Mobile POS Tee Times?

A: Users can toggle between Courses by the Tee icon in the top right corner of the screen, shown below.

Best Practices

Refreshing Tee Times:  

In order to immediately refresh the Tee Times page on Mobile POS, the User can select the next day and then reselect the current day. This will pull in the most up to date data. The tee sheet will also automatically refresh every 3 minutes.  

Hiding the Member Charge All button on the Tee Sheet

Within Mobile POS, Club Admins have the ability to hide the Member Charge All button from the Tee Sheet if they do not want starters or staff to have the ability to Member Charge All (Member Charge all unpaid tee times for the selected course and date). Hiding the Member Charge All button is done in System Tools of the Fly Out Menu. Selecting the option to Hide Member Charge All on Teesheet will remove the button from the Tee Sheet screen in Mobile POS. In the instance where Club Admins still need the ability to Member Charge All but don't want starters and staff to have the ability, best practice is to hide the button and then toggle it back on at the time the Club Admin needs it.  

  • To hide the Member Charge All button from the Tee Sheet, click on the Fly Out Menu icon within Mobile POS.  

  • Select System Tools.

  • Select Hide Member Charge All on Teesheet and then Close. 

  • The Member Charge All button will now be hidden from the Tee Sheet.

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