Office - Mobile POS Kiosk Mode - Activities Integration

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  • Kiosk Mode is designed as a self-service/check-in option for Club Members.  In this guide, we will discuss how to utilize Kiosk Mode integrated with the Activities reservation systems to allow Members (and their Guests) to check in and pay for their reservation.  In addition, we will discuss how the Kiosk Mode can be utilized to offer a self-serve honor system snack bar, where Members can take a beverage or snack on their own and charge the items to their account.

  • Please Note: The self-serve features described above can only be utilized when Clubs have the Clubessential Office POS & Accounting, Clubessential Website (Axis), and Clubessential Activity Reservation Products.

Required Permissions

  • POS

  • System

  • Terminals


Accessing the Tool

How to Convert your Mobile POS Device to Kiosk Mode

To turn the Mobile POS device into a Member facing Kiosk for self-service/check-in, select the desired POS device and click Continue.     

  1. Enter the Staff Id on the log in screen and click Continue

  2. After logging in, select the Fly Out Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Select Check In Kiosk from the menu drop-down.   

  4. The following pop-up message will appear as a reminder that the Service Code for the Mobile POS device will be needed to exit the Kiosk Mode. (To understand how to obtain this Service Code, please see How to Convert from Kiosk Mode back to POS Mode section below.)  Click OK to continue.    

  5. The Mobile POS device will now be in Kiosk Mode and ready for Member Check In. Members will see the following screen.  

How to Convert from Kiosk Mode back to POS Mode 

  1. Click on the Fly Out Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.  

  2. Enter the Service Code for the Mobile POS device and click OK

  3. The device will now be back in POS mode and display any Open Tickets. 

  4. The Service Code of the Mobile POS device can be found in System, System Settings, Point of SaleKiosk Mode Settings.  This Service Code is a shared key among all Mobile POS devices for your Club (where the Kiosk Mode is enabled). It is not unique to each device. 

Member Check-in for Activities

  1. Members will click the Check In button from the Kiosk. 

  2. They will then enter their Member Number and hit Save

  3. If the Member enters an incorrect Member Number, they will be returned to the Check In page and the following error message will be displayed. To dismiss the error message, click the red X.  

  4. Upon successful Check In, Members will have the option to select from any of the reservation systems or events connected to the kiosk and associated with their Member Number.

    • Please Note: In order for Members to see their Activities and Events associated with their Member Number, both the Mobile POS device and the Activities set-up must be linked to the same Area.

Paying for the Activity/Self-Serve Snack Bar

To pay for the Activity,

  1. The Member will choose the members/guests they want to pay for and click OK.  Selected members/guests will be highlighted in green.   

  2. A ticket will populate reflecting any default fees associated with their activity. If there are no default fees in the system then the member can add any items they wish from the screen group. Make sure to include your activity's check in item on this screen group to ensure your member can check in. Click here for more information about screen groups. 

    • Please Note: Additional items can not be added to a Member's ticket for Areas that are not configured with an additional Screengroup tied to the Kiosk.  To learn more about adding a screen group to a kiosk click here

  3. The Member will be asked if they would like to add a message to their order.

  4. Selecting Yes will give the Member the following screen to enter a message. 

  5. If the Mobile POS is configured to only accept Member Charges, the Member's Account will be immediately charged upon hitting OK (after entering a message) or No (when bypassing adding a message).    

  6. If the Mobile POS is configured to accept either Member Charges or Credit Card Payments, then the Member will be prompted to select their Payment Type when hitting OK (after entering a message) or No (when bypassing adding a message).  

    • Please Note: If the Club is allowing the option to use Credit Cards, the Club must provide the solution for a Card Reader.

  7. If the Member logs in again after completing their Activities Payment, they will now see which members/guests have already paid under the Paid column.

  8. If the Member attempts to select a member/guest that has already paid, they will receive the following error message.

  9. If the Member selects a member/guest that has not yet paid, the unpaid member/guest will be highlighted in green and the Member can proceed to pay for this member/guest by selecting OK.  

Best Practices

  • Please review the process on each POS Kiosk Terminal before going live to ensure success in setup, Activities, and payments.

  • The Member Check In for Activities self-serve feature can only be utilized when Clubs have the Clubessential Office POS & Accounting, Clubessential Website (Axis), and Clubessential Activities Reservation Products.  Please reach out to your Account Manager to confirm your eligibility to use the Self-Serve feature, if you have any questions.

  • Please remember that the Club must provide the solution of a Card Reader if choosing to allow the use of Credit Cards at that Kiosk station.


  • Q: What if I do not currently have a POS system or if I do have a POS system, the ability to integrate?

  • A: Please contact your Clubessential Account Manager for details on Initial Setup, Implementation, and Price.

  • Q: Can I require that a member enter a unique PIN in addition to their Member Number for Check In at a Mobile POS Kiosk? 

  • A: No, the Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode option does not work for Mobile POS Kiosk Check In.  Even when Disable PIN in Kiosk Mode is unchecked in System, System Settings, Point of Sale, Kiosk Mode Settings, members will not be prompted for their PIN upon Check In.  

  • Q: Can I configure the Mobile POS device to always show the keyboard when in Kiosk Mode? 

  • A: The Always show keyboard in Kiosk Mode is not needed in Mobile POS as the mobile devices are already programmed with this setting.

  • Q: Can the member email a copy of their receipt to themselves from the View Receipt option?

  • A: No, the option to email receipts from the Mobile POS Kiosk is not yet available. 

  • Q: If a member chooses to pay for themselves but not their guests, can the guests pay for themselves at the Kiosk? 

  • A: No, non-members cannot pay for their Activities from the Mobile POS Kiosk.  They will need to see a Club Staff member to pay.   

  • Q: How do I tie a Screengroup to the Mobile POS Kiosk if I want to offer a self-serve honor system snack bar?

  • A:  Navigate to System, Terminals and select the Mobile POS Terminal that you want to tie a Screengroup to.  Assign the Screengroup as shown here and then click Save and Close