Office - Mobile POS Kiosk Mode - Mobile Ordering

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  • Kiosk Mode is designed as a self-service option for Club Members.  In this guide, we will discuss how to set up and utilize the Kiosk Mode to make a mobile order from a Member’s perspective.

Required Permissions


Enable Kiosk Mode

Terminal Setup

The first step in configuring Kiosk Mode for Mobile Ordering is to set up the Terminal. Click here to learn more about setting up a terminal for Kiosk Mode.

Workstation Device Setup

The next step to configuring Kiosk Mode for Mobile Ordering is to set up the Workstation Device. Workstation Devices are what the user selects when logging into the POS. Click Here to learn more about building and connecting the device to the correct terminal.

Mobile Ordering Configuration

Once the Terminal and Device are set up, the new or existing Mobile Ordering menus can be linked appropriately. To learn about setting up a mobile ordering menu click here.

Please note: The terminal (POS) device selected for the Mobile Ordering menu needs to be the same POS device configured in the second step.

Setup the Workstation Device

To give members kiosk access, set up a location with a tablet or workstation that has this mobile ordering device already signed in. The next steps will outline enabling Mobile Ordering Kiosk Mode on the tablet.

  1. Log into the kiosk device created earlier.

  2. Enter the employee PIN.

  3. Select the flyout menu from the upper left corner of the POS.

  4. Scroll down and select Mobile Ordering Kiosk.

  5. A warning message populates that states, “You will need the Service Code to exit Kiosk Mode. Continue?” Click OK to continue.

Kiosk Mode is now enabled at this location. The member can now access Mobile Ordering from a fixed location at the club.

Member Experience

Anytime a member needs to place a Mobile Order while on club grounds, they can come to the mobile ordering kiosk to select from the mobile ordering kiosk menu.

  1. They will enter their Member Number and Last Name. Then Click Continue.

  2. Once they do the system will show them all available kiosk menus from around the club. Only menus with Kiosk Menu checked will display.

  3. They can select which menu they want to order from and begin working through the system in the same manner they would from their mobile device. Click Here to see the member’s view of a mobile order.

Best Practices

  • Since this is designed for members to make quick orders while engaging in other club activities it is a good idea to make these menus simple. Keeping the number of modifiers and available items low to prevent a backup of member traffic will help the club maintain a smooth operating atmosphere.

  • Remember the Terminal Device in the mobile ordering section of the Area should the same device as the what the club logs into at the tablet level. This is the only device that will have any kiosk enabled menus visible and the only one that can access mobile ordering kiosk mode.

  • If you make a menu a kiosk menu it will only appear in this mode. No other menus will and any kiosk menu will not appear within normal mobile ordering selections.

  • Ticket Templates MUST be set on the Area in order to sync Mobile Ordering to the POS.