Office - POS - Connecting iSMP4 Over Wifi

Turn on the Ingenico unit by plugging in the unit or pressing the on/off button. When first turning the machine on, give it a minute to warm up before configuring it.

Next, press the “F” key 5 times.

Press “F4” button to select “Access Points”.

Press “F1” to create a new Access Point.

Wait for the machine to scan for available WiFi networks. This may take a minute or two. Once the list of available networks is generated, use the “F2” and “F3” keys to scroll to the preferred network. Click the green button to select.

Once the preferred network is selected, configure the password settings. Select the Wireless Security Protocol (WPA, WEP, etc). Use the “F2” and “F3” keys to scroll on the list. Click the green button to select the appropriate protocol.

Next, use the number pad to enter in your password.

Follow the guide below to enter the appropriate credentials:

To select 2 – hit “2” once.
To select a – hit “2” twice.
To select b – hit “2” three times.
To select c – hit “2” four times.
To select A – hit “2” five times.
To select B – hit “2” six times.
To select C – hit “2” seven times.

When finished entering the password, hit the green button.

The device will now be connected to the WiFi network.