Office (11.13.23) Release


November 13, 2023








Updated the Overflow Check Message

  • We have updated the overflow check message to more closely mirror the process so that clubs will not print things incorrectly. 

  • South State Bank Positive Pay

  • Created a positive pay format for South State Bank.

Label Qty for Item Labels Now Refers to Number of Labels Per Piece of Paper

  • It was brought to our attention that the qty field on label printing functioned the same way the # of copies does when printing, meaning that even if you changed the qty it would only change the # of copies printed, not the amount per page. We have made a change such that the qty field dictates how many per page and the # of copies dictates the # of copies printed. 

Renamed CSI to Edenred

  • CSI renamed themselves to Edenred and to avoid confusion we have renamed CSI to Edenred within our system for paying bills and partner products. 

Bug Fixes


  • CMA – Fixed an issue with the outstanding banquets deposits report where it was sometimes displaying incorrect values when a deposit made to a reservation was an “overpayment.” 

  • CMA – Fixed an issue where a primary member with dependent members who had no folio activity would have their own folio activity does not show on the member statements properly with the “Include folio activity” checkbox checked. 

  • CMA – Fixed an issue where the member charge wizard was ignoring prices input by the user and was instead using the retail or member price associated with the item. 

  • CMA – Fixed an issue where vouchers expired via the voucher expiration wizard were not properly synchronizing the changes to PC.

  • Mobile POS (Point of Sale) - Fixed an issue where tickets were sometimes locked when no employee was currently viewing the ticket. 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where the “breakoutchilditemwithdifferentposcourse” ticket template property was causing modifiers to be grouped underneath the bottommost item acting as a modifier. 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where a table with a “#” in the name would not display the member's name at the table on the order entry screen. 

  • Mobile POS Config – Fixed an issue where a user would attempt to create or change a print routing rule for an item override and the system would error out when it should not be. 


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