Office (1.9.17) Release

Office - Release Notes



Accounts Payable

1099 Wizard 

  • Updated the Vendor 1099 forms and settings to have all values needed for 2016 tax year.

    Use Case: Clubs ready to print their 1099’s for 2016 may now do so with the updates made to the 1099 Wizard. 


Manage Vendors 

  • Updated Vendor Invoice, Item Receipt, and Purchase Order forms not actually updating the vendor's terms when you change them on the form, save, and tell the system you want to update the vendor's terms.

    Use CaseWhile in a Purchase Order, change a Vendor’s terms from 30 days to 60 days.

General Ledger

Bank Reconciliation Wizard

  • Updated the Bank Reconciliation Wizard to only allow reconciling checking accounts or other bank accounts. 

    Use Case: Previously, other accounts could be inadvertently selected for reconciliation, creating a multitude of user errors.  Now, the Bank Rec Wizard has been locked down to allow selection of only the accounts that should be subject to a bank reconciliation. 

  • Updated the Bank Reconciliation Wizard to only allow adjustment entries for AP, AR, and General accounts. 

    Use CasePreviously, other accounts could be inadvertently selected for adjustments, creating a multitude of user errors.  Now, the accounts subject to adjustments have been locked down to allow selection of only the AP, AR, and “General” type accounts.  Other entries necessary will need to occur through the normal journal entry process.



Manage Memorized Entry 

  • Updated the Memorized Journal lookup control to have a default layout. 

    Use CaseReadily identify Memorized Entries from a standardized control and an enhanced lookup screen for an improved user experience.

Guest Rooms

Guest Room Dashboard

  • Updated the Guest Room Dashboard to allow for searching by sponsoring member. 

    Use Case: Previously, only occupants and Members (staying on the property) could be searched.  Now, a search can be performed for sponsoring members who did not stay on site.  If Sponsoring Member did not stay on site, Guest will be listed in the Occupants column without the Sponsoring Member’s name.  Search results may be clicked on to view details.  Sponsoring Member will appear on the reservation screen.

  • Updated the Guest Room Dashboard to save the user’s previously selected "days" view mode.

    Use Case: When exiting the Guest Room Dashboard and then re-entering, the view stays on previously viewed/designated 1, 3, 7, 14, or 31 days view.Updated the Guest Room Dashboard to save the user’s previously selected "days" view mode.

Guest Room System

  • Updated the Guest Room System to enable audit logging for reservation details.

    Use Case: Now, when a user is able to view the reservation, user is also able to access the audit log to review the history (and any associated changes) with the reservation.


  • Updated the Guest Room System to improve Wait List functions by tracking the date a reservation was moved to the Waiting List, and show pending reservations in order. 

Use CaseMr. Shanks requested the LakeView1 room for January 12 - 15 at 9:27am on 1/9/17, however the room was already booked, so Mr. Shanks was placed on the Waiting list.   Mr. Rudolph requested the LakeView1 room for January 14 at 9:28am on 1/9/17 (a bit later than Mr Shanks).   As all steps of the reservation creation process are captured and logged, proper priority can be given to Mr. Shanks if the room becomes available.  Mr. Shanks reservation will be listed before Mr. Rudolph’s to ensure proper priority can be given in the event of a room cancellation.  Wait list details can be found on reservation.


Interactive Reports - Data Genie

  • Updated the Vendor Purchases Data Genie View to add Item Category and Item Group as available columns.

    Use Case: Gain additional insight into Club purchases by utilizing these new groupings which allow better purchase categorization and macro views of purchase history.


Items - Manage Item Categories 

  • Updated the Item Category Edit Form to improve the  display of items and added a "Hide in POS" column.

    Use Case: Previously, the Item Category may have had 100 items, but only ten were visible in POS.  Now easily find the items and quickly know whether or not they are visible in POS.


Manage Members 

  • Updated the Member Profile edit form to add a Sponsored Folios section where users can see any guest room reservation associated with that member.

    Use Case: Previously not viewable within a Member’s profile, now view all guests sponsored by the Member.  Mr. Smith sponsored a guest, Jeff Williams  This can be seen in the Sponsored Folios section or Mr. Smith’s profile.


Member Charges 

  • Updated the Invoice Edit form to show more relevant information directly on the first page, including chit ticket and signature details if available.

    Use CaseWhen Member disputes charge, easily retrieve useful information including signature capture (if applicable) for charge, and easily print or export.


System Settings - Banquets/Reserve 

  • Updated the Banquets system (Reserve Cloud) event/payment pull to add additional logging.

    Use Case: This behind the scenes functionality will provide additional details for improved support/troubleshooting.

3rd Party Integrations  

POS - ETS Credit Card Processing

  • Updated the ETS 2.55 integration to prompt you if you want to issue a refund if a void fails, with a warning that doing so could cause a double-credit.

  • Use Case: Previously, Credit Card tickets that were closed to credit card, and later deleted (or voided within 24 hours) would automatically cancel the charge to the Member/Guest’s credit card.  After 24 hours, however, the refund had to be issued through ETS.  Now, if after 24 hours, the ticket can no longer be deleted, an option to refund the amount will exist (as a credit amount of the original ticket), that will refund the original ticket amount by creating a credit (vs a void) of the original ticket.  In the event a Club has multiple people working on this, it is possible that a credit could be issued twice, so ensure to use care when utilizing this new feature.


  • Updated the Lodging Link interface to support a registry value to override the send timeout for communication with the device.

    Use CaseA club utilizing a Lodging link (hardware device between the POS system and a 3rd party hotel system), now has the option to customize the timeout of the device (3 seconds for instance), prior to issuing a failed response.  This allows individual clubs needing longer processing times with this device to modify their individual Club settings, rather than globally enforce a universal time that may not be appropriate for all clubs.  Contact Support for help setting/changing this registry value.

Heartland Payroll 

  • Updated the Heartland Payroll Export to support a custom Company Identifier to be provided with the file.

    Use CaseA club utilizing Heartland as their payroll processor can now include their required Company’s unique code/identifier in the export of the file.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue with the Night Audit Wizard not charging certain reservations because they haven't been assigned a room.

  • Fixed an issue with deleted gift cards showing up under a member's account.

  • Fixed an issue with the Bank Reconciliation Wizard not showing the names of accounts in the Adjustments section.

  • Fixed an issue with the Item Category Edit Form missing the combo box, check box, and move up/move down buttons.

  • Fixed an issue with the Item Category Edit Form not displaying the items/combos in the proper order.  

  • Fixed an issue with the Current Open Tickets dashboard not updating when clicking the refresh icon.

  • Fixed an issue with the Ledger Budget Editor not moving to the next row when pressing the Enter key.

  • Fixed an issue where the Clear button was missing from the Clubessential Endpoint editor on the Sync tab.

  • Fixed an issue with the Inventory Adjustment Wizard not displaying a summary in the adjustment column.

  • Fixed an issue with the Submit to Club Benchmarking button on the General Ledger Transactions form was failing and throwing an exception.

  • Fixed an issue with the POS Tee Time integration not showing the Fees Column in the correct order.

  • Fixed an issue with the Cash Receipt Wizard not showing the correct Balance Due and Remaining totals when multiple cash receipts have been created for a single member.

  • Fixed an issue with the Billing Schedule editor where a user can change the amount of a schedule that uses an item combo.

  • Fixed an issue with the Global Transaction Search not working for negative values.

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