Office (02.20.23) Release


February 20, 2023





Mobile POS


Updated the “Failed to refund” messaging for attempted debit card transaction refunds

  • We have updated the generic “failed to refund” messaging for an attempted debit card transaction refund to be more descriptive as to why the refund failed.​


Auto Apply credit book Popup

  • Credit books set to auto apply with item category filtering enabled will now show a pop up for items added to the ticket when there is more than 1 eligible credit book allowing them to select what credit books they want to use for what item​. The pop-ups will appear when the ticket is settled.

Error Prompt for CE payments Devices not properly linked to Merchant Processing token 

  • An error will now prompt if the Default CE payments device selected is not properly linked to the merchant processing token associated with the charge settlement type being used.​

Ask for Guest Selection

  • Ask for guest selection screen will now include a field for # of visits.​



Price Schedule Update for Favorited Items 

  • Price schedules now apply when an item is added to a ticket from a members favorites (from their profile).​



Dependent and spousal member vouchers display on their profiles

  • When viewing a dependent or spousal members profile the vouchers tab that billing members are able to see will now also display for these members. Note: they only see their own individual vouchers not anyone else's.​

Updated the MICR 1 & MICR 2 field names

  • We have moved and updated the micr 1 and micr 2 field names on a member's profile. They are now under the fFnancial Information tab and read as “Statement Field 1 & 2”.​​


Addition of an export button on the guest rooms search screen

  • We have added an export button to the guest rooms search screen.​

Changes to the Ce Payments Daily Summary Report

  • We have made changes to the Ce Payments Daily Summary Report such that this report now properly reflects the day a transaction was settled not created and includes the gj batch #.​

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Special characters are now removed when generating the name field on the MICR Line

  • Made a change such that the following special characters are now stripped from the name field on the micr line: " ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + = | \ } { [ ] ? . , < > : ; “ ‘ ~ ` "​

Added a warning prompt to the member credit book wizard when canceling out of an incomplete batch

  • When a user hits the cancel button on an incomplete credit book batch the system will now prompt them with a message asking if they would like to delete the batch or not.​



Mobile Ordering menus are now able to be deleted even if there is a category associated with the menu

  • Mobile ordering menus are now able to be deleted even if there is a category associated with that menu.​



Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS: Fixed an issue where favorites containing an item acting as a modifier that are marked as “ask for name” error out when adding the item from the item grid.​

  • Mobile POS Config Site: Fixed an issue where the audit log text was sometimes clipping into the next column and not wrapping properly.​

  • CMA: Fixed an issue where Batches with negative surcharge amounts were causing the GL to be out of balance.

  • CMA: Fixed an issue where there were extra spaces on the MICR line in certain areas.​

  • CMA: Fixed an issue where projected member billing monthly and annual reports were not properly pulling installment billing names.​

  • CMA: Fixed an issue where the marketing template snippet “club web address” was not loading properly.​


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