Office (03.13.23) Release


March 13, 2023





Mobile POS


Added CPOS Purchases to the Mobile POS Ticket History Grid​

  • There is a new system tools setting for “Allow Classic POS Tickets in Ticket History” so that when a user navigates to Member Lookup>Select Member> Ticket History, they can press a new button to load classic tickets for whatever time frame they choose. These tickets are denoted by a “*” in the ticket #.​



Addition of Audit Logging to Mobile Ordering Notification Templates

  • We have added audit logging to mobile ordering notification templates.

Addition of audit logging to KDS Stations

  •  We have added audit logging to KDS Stations.​

Updating a Deleted Screengroup’s Name Upon Duplicate Creation

  • We have made a change so that when a screengroup is deleted and a new screengroup is attempting to be created with the same name as the deleted screengroup, the system will update the deleted screengroup’s name by appending 6 randomly generated numbers to the end of it.​


All Day Menu Will Live Update

  • We have made changes so that the All Day Menu will now live update without the need to refresh so that if an item is sold the amount will be reduced if a new item is entered into the KDS system the number will go up.​



Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where items added to a ticket after the area is changed were not appearing on the order summary.​

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where users were sometimes able to accidentally double send a ticket to the KDS system if they hit send too many times.​

  • Mobile POS config site - Fixed an issue where MobileOrderingDeliveryInfo element was not appearing properly.​

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where some rental items were not billing properly.​

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where attempting to delete a period from a schedule from a minimum with a custom schedule was erroring out and causing the whole schedule to delete.​


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