PayCloud - 12.21.20 - Releases


  • Admin Auto Draft - Blackout Date Override: When a club schedules a payment using the “New Auto Draft” tool in PayCloud, they can now select a date that is configured as a “Blackout date”, or in other words, a date not available for members to make payments on. Previously, the payment could be scheduled for a blackout date by Admins, but wouldn’t fire until the next date that was not blacked out.


  • Admin Auto Draft - Skip Negative Balance Payments: When a club creates an auto draft batch using the “New Auto Draft” tool, the system will now automatically skip any members with a credit balance, instead of requiring the user to manually remove them from the payment batch.


  • Admin Auto Draft - Log Member Initiated Deletes: If a club Admin creates an auto draft batch using the “New Auto Draft” tool and a member in the batch later logs into PayCloud and deletes their scheduled payment, Admins can now see that the member initiated the delete by hovering over the name in Auto Draft History.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where issuing partial refunds caused multiple, incorrect payment failure notifications emails to send.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from scrolling to the very bottom of Statement & Current Activity pages in mobile views.

  • Fixed an issue with the credit card enrollment form alignment using the Paycloud Event & Forms payment integrations.

  • Fixed an issue where an Admin AutoDraft could be scheduled with the incorrect date.

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