PayCloud - 7.15.19 - Releases

PayCloud - Release Notes



  • Payment Notification Emails will now read Payment Submitted upon payment submission by Member. 

Use Case: Previously, Payment confirmation emails would read Payment Processed upon submission. This has now been changed to Payment Submitted, to account for any payments that may be rejected due to insufficient funds or incorrect account numbers causing the payment to fail. 


  • Added functionality allows for partial redemptions of Vouchers. 

Use Case:  Previously, the system would only recognize Voucher redemptions in whole numbers. Now, it accounts for the redemption of partial Vouchers, as allowed within Office. 

Bug Fixes

  • Changed Layout of Current Activity page to remove extraneous Current Balance area at the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed issue that allowed one-time payments to bypass the ‘End of Month’ blackout day.
  • Fixed an issue in identifying ACH payments where the User has insufficient funds or incorrect account information, and the payment was reversed.

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