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PayCloud - Release Notes


Club Admin Features

Reports - Scheduled Payments

      • As a club Admin, I would like to see all the scheduled payments within a date range.

        Use Cases: Previously, Scheduled Payments were available to view by the individual user. Now, the new Scheduled Payments reports page shows all upcoming scheduled payments for the club that have not been processed. The scheduled payments report shows member name, number, account name, payment date, amount, and if it is a One Time or Recurring payment. All columns, with the exception of Amount, are filterable and the Date Picker can be used as a search option.

    • Schedule future or recurring payment user is forced to select a current account or enroll a new account before Payment information fades into view.

    Use Cases: Previously, Payment Method, Payment Amount, and Schedule were shown on the Schedule a Payment page, allowing for an error that cleared out previously entered information. Now, Users must choose between making a payment from a current account or enrolling a new account before the highlighted section will be viewable.

Payments - Statement Balance

    • When the balance due is calculated it should account for payments after the statement date.

Use Cases: Previously, the full statement balance option from the Schedule a Payment and Make a Payment page did not account for payments already made within the month. Now, the full statement balance adjusts the full statement amount if any payments are made in the same month; preventing overpayment.

Member Facing Features

Email Notifications

    • Email notifications sent from PayCloud have a subject line that begins with “Club Name - Payment Portal”.

Use Cases: Previously, Email Notifications for Scheduled Payments were labeled in the Subject line as Payment Portal - Club Name. Now, the subject line reads, Club Name then Payment Portal, allowing for easier recognition in the end user's inbox. Example below includes the Club name “trunk1”.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with statement sync error fails when multiple members with the same member number are found.

    • Fixed Issue where Member lookup and save does not trim the member number value.

    • Fixed issue when statements are synced login records are created.

    • Fixed issue with One Time Payment History, Scheduled Payments tab, and Upcoming Payments type by removing “-”.

    • Fixed issue when in PayCloud CE Admin View browser gives alert error when loading next page of paged grids.

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