PayCloud - 07.30.18 - Releases

PayCloud - Release Notes


CE Payments

    • Enhanced User experience by updating the Dashboard links within PayCloud to use the new CE branded dashboard.

Use Case: Previously, Dashboard links within PayCloud were not Clubessential branded. Now, links within the PayCloud Dashboard bring the User to a Clubessential branded platform, as seen below.

Office - Payment Sync

    • Added support while syncing payments to Office from PayCloud.

Use Case: Member payments are now linked to Members using a unique shared ID to improve experience when Member number changes occur.

Payments - Blackout Days

    • Enhanced User experience by extending Blackout Days functionality to apply to immediate One-Time payments in addition to Scheduled payments. 

      Use Case: Previously, Users were able to schedule Blackout Days for Scheduled Member Payments. Now, Users can set Blackout Days for One-Time payments as well as Scheduled Payments.

Statements - Dependent Privileges

    • Added ability to elevate privileges of Dependents to view statements, gift cards, and credit book balance of the linked Billing Member.

Use Case: Previously, Dependents were unable to view the billing information of their linked Billing Member. Now, Dependents, upon logging in, are able to view the main Billing Member’s statements, gift card balances, and credit book balances.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with OMP import for Transvault accounts.

  • Fixed an issue with Current Activity page when Club is using a statement end date other than the last day of the month.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause ‘Statement Balance’ scheduled payments to calculate the statement balance incorrectly (resulting in a $0 charge).

  • Fixed an issue with syncing statements from Office that aren’t associated to a specific AR.

  • Removed credit card logos from ETS ACH enrollment pages.

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