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ACH Widget - ETSv3

      • Account number control would only allow nine or more account characters. Account number field does not error with 5+ digit account numbers.

        Use Case: Previously, in the ETS ACH Widget, account number control needed to be nine digits or more to be successfully entered and submitted. Padded zeros were used to compensate. Now, settings have been updated to allow for accounts with five or more digits. This enhancement also includes moving the routing number text box before the account number.

      • Routing number is now placed before account number in ACH Widget.

        Use Case: Previously, the routing number was placed after the account number in the ACH Widget. Now, routing number is placed before the account number, echoing the end users bank information layout.

Bug Fixes


    • Removed ‘Manage Payment Methods’ for payment processors that don’t support saving payment accounts.
    • Fixed visibility of Elmah error logs – restricted for only authenticated users.
    • Fixed Sync transaction with processor button from transaction details.
    • Fixed ‘Save’/’Save and Close’ buttons on the Club Admin site that didn’t work.
    • Fixed Cancel buttons on the Club Admin site that didn’t go to the right page.
    • Fixed how duplicate ‘charged by members’ are treated when syncing statements, previously an error occurred and the statement was discarded, now we just associate the detail by member name(no tie to the dependent by ID) but save the statement (this was hotfixed to live on 22 Oct).

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