PayCloud - 5.10.21 - Releases


  • Card on File Grid Information

    • PayCloud has been updated so that a Member’s Cardholder Name and Account Alias will be sent to Mobile POS and displayed in the Card on File Grid. The corresponding Mobile POS functionality will be released on 5/17/2021.

    • When a member enrolls their credit card as a payment instrument in Paycloud, they state the Name on Card within the enrollment information. In addition, some members also have the ability to define an Account Alias (member defined nickname for the card). Both of these fields will now sync to Mobile POS to be displayed on the Card on File Grid.

Bug Fixes

  • Hot fixed an issue where the Payment Amount was not being included in the Axis Event confirmation, causing a problem with Event Reporting.

  • Fixed an issue where using the PayCloud navigation links for certain pages could cause a web page error for clients with Custom Domains.

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