PayCloud - 4.22.19 - Releases

PayCloud - Release Notes


CE Payments

  • Updated error messages for CE Payments when Members are adding bank account or credit card information.

Use Case: New error messaging has been added to help clarify the process when Members are entering new bank account information and they enter an invalid routing number. The message will read: Please enter a valid routing number. Please Note: Users can submit after this warning, but the account information will not process and they will receive another message: There was an error adding the account. Creating bank account failed, please check your account information and try again.

  • New duplicate payment prevention settings for CE Payments to prevent multiple payments with a single payment account on the same day.

Use Case: The Disallow Duplicate Payments checkbox option has been added to ensure Members do not have the ability to accidentally make a duplicate payment by blocking two payments in the same day from the same account for the same amount. This setting is located within the CE Payments Edit Payment Processor Menu, under System Settings, as seen below.


  • Added functionality allows Members to select a date range for which to see their current activity.

Use Case: Members can now select a specific range to view their current activity. The default range will be the day following the last statement publish date to current date (For example, April would be 4/1/2019 - 4/8/2019).  This default date range provides the same experience as previous versions, but with the ability to set a date range.

Warning messages have also been added to the Current Activity, Credit Book, and Gift Card pages to show when an invalid date range has been selected (Invalid selection would be if the From date is prior to the To date).

Mobile App View(s)

  • Adjustments made to enhance the Mobile App payments and account enrollment views on Android devices to ensure that Submit and Cancel buttons were in frame on those Mobile Devices using the App.

Use Case: Previously, the forms for these options were not scrollable and Users could not click Submit or Cancel. Now the form properly fits within the frame of an Android Device and all buttons are clickable. This is specific for the PayPros integration in Paycloud.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Users were unable to enter CE Payment credit card data through iOS and Mac.
    • Fixed an issue where Users were unable to remove field filters on grids that contained quotes for Cloud and Club Admin sites. In addition, issues were fixed in regards to, ID and dollar fields causing errors.
        • Inability to filter using either Start With or Ends With for character fields.
        • Added ‘Greater Than’ to numeric field filters.
        • Having to ‘X’ from filter is a quote space quote (‘ ‘) was used.
  • CE Payments Fees - ACH % fees reset to Credit Card % fees.
    • Fixed display issue that would show the wrong amount for ACH percentage fees.
  • Current Activity Date Range From Date (Hotfixed)
    • Fixed default from date to ‘add one day’ to the club’s Statement Publish Date.
  • Member Roster scrolling error in Production.
    • Fixed error when loading next page of results (by scrolling)
    • Fixed the error that displayed before the member group drop down when “All” was selected.

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