Paycloud - 10.22.18 - Releases

PayCloud - Release Notes



  • Enhanced functionality allows Members to choose the corresponding AR Account to pay for each balance due (in Paycloud), and have the payment applied to the proper account in Office.

Use Case: Previously, Members could make a payment toward one A/R account, and any additional payment application had to be manually performed.  Now, with added functionality, Members can select how much to pay toward each A/R account, and cash receipts will be applied appropriately in Office.  For example, Sally Member has monthly dues but in addition, also has a balance due for her HOA fees. When Sally goes to pay her bill she can now select how much goes to each A/R account to pay off her balance due.  Note: Proper settings must be turned on in Paycloud for this feature to be appropriately applied.

PayCloud Admin Settings: For Multi-AR payment capabilities, ensure the AR Accounts Payments setting is enabled in Club Settings, as seen below. AR Account Display Names can also be edited from this menu.


Member View: Once AR Account Payments setting is enabled, Members will have the option to pay Multiple AR accounts when making a payment, as seen below. Please Note: Members have the option to pay Current Balance or Statement Balance for each AR Account.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Credit books where the date shown in PayCloud was when the credit book was created and not the transaction date.

  • Fixed an issue with IE11 that would prevent some ClubAdmin list view grids from displaying.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from setting a specific date on blog posts.

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