PayCloud - 7.6.20 - Releases


CE Payments

  • Service Fee Agreement on AutoDraft Enrollment

Use Case: Added a Service Fee agreement that will display to Members upon enrolling their account in Admin initiated PayCloud AutoDrafts. Clubs using Fee Pass Through will now require members to agree to Service Fees before enrolling an account in Auto Draft.

  • Settlement Report - Load More Results Option

Use Case: Added a button to the CE Payments Settlement report that allows users to load more/older settlement results into the report.

  • Settlement Report - Member Name on View Transfers Grid

Use Case: Member names can now be easily viewed in the “Buyer” column for each transfer that makes up a settlement in the CE Payments Settlement Report.

  • Settlement Report - Export Capability

Use Case: Added the ability to export Settlement and Transfer grids 

  • Settlement Report - Funding Status

Use Case: Ensured the correct funding status is displayed when a particular settlement has multiple funding instructions attached. This can happen when the original funding instruction fails and is resubmitted, or when a settlement contains manual adjustments.

Other PayCloud Enhancements

  • Auto Draft - Member Type & Status Columns

Use Case: Added Member type and Member Status columns to the New Auto Draft grid. This grid can be filtered by these columns to quickly select all members of a particular Type/Status for payment drafting.

  •  Member Payment History Page Improvements

Use Case:   Made some performance improvements to the Member facing Payment History page in PayCloud. This allows for faster loading speeds  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where double clicking Save and Close in “New Auto Draft” could create a duplicate batch

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