PayCloud - 3.16.20 - Releases


Member Canceled Payments

  • A new process has been added to report payments that are canceled by the user by any of the following actions:

    • Clicking the cancel or back button on the page during the payment confirmation.

    • Clicking the back browser button during payment confirmation.

    • Closing the browser during payment confirmation.

    • Refreshing the page during payment confirmation.

    • Leaving the page to timeout during payment confirmation.

  • All these scenarios will now create a payment response record with the status ‘Canceled’ and the response text: ‘Canceled by Member’ to alleviate confusion with the old messaging ‘Unable to find a transaction for this request’

Bug Fixes

  • Reverted last release’s change to our Office > PayCloud member sync logic due to it causing unintended statement sync issues for some clubs.

  • Changed the PaySimple payment sync code to avoid a problem that would leave a payment that failed in an unexpected way in ‘Pending’ status.

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