Office (09.26.22) Release


September 26, 2022






Mobile POS


Tee Letter and Tee Number display changes

  • We have made a change to how the tee letter and tee numbers are displayed in MPOS. The new display removes some unneeded text and moves all of the information to one line which will display without a booking being reserved at a specific time. 



Provider/Spa Check-in

  • We have created a new check-in for provider/spa reservations that can be accessed in MPOS. When a member is checking in for a provider/spa reservation they will now click on the new “find my appointment” button which will then pull any provider/spa appointment that has been made and allow them to check-in for it.



Staff facing check-in with non $0 check-in item will now automatically open the ticket

  • When using a staff facing check-in device with non $0 check-in items configured, the system will now automatically open the ticket instead of having it appear on the open tickets grid requiring the user to manually open the ticket.




Mobile ordering tab can also utilize pending gratuity state

  • When an order comes in and is closed out to a card on file or CC, as long as “disable gratuity prompt with CC” is not set in CMA, the mobile ordering tab will now show the order in the pending gratuity state.




Tax code items marked as “state” now sync over the “only apply tax rate to the amount beyond the minimum sales amount” to MPOS 

  • When a tax code item marked as a “state” tax type has the “only apply tax rate to the amount beyond the minimum sales amount” checked, this will now sync over and be applied to MPOS 





Mobile ordering areas now also take into account the area level setting “disable gratuity prompt with CC”

  • If an area is set to allow for mobile ordering also has the area setting for “disable gratuity prompt with cc” checked it will be respected and the order will not be placed in the gratuity state after closing out.





Items marked as “voucher items” now have the option to be an infinite quantity voucher

  • When creating a voucher item, underneath the voucher tab there is a new setting for “infinite quantity voucher”

    • Note: Voucher Items that are currently marked to 0 quantity will be automatically changed to Infinite Use items with the release

  • The interactive report “Outstanding Vouchers” ignores all instances of vouchers which are marked as “infinite quantity” 

  • The member voucher transaction report will also ignore all instances of infinite quantity vouchers 

  • The voucher expiration wizard will not look at the quantity sold or quantity used for any voucher marked as infinite quantity

  • The voucher expiration wizard will show infinite quantity voucher items when changing the expiration date

  • When a voucher item is created the system will now disallow users from saving the item unless the quantity is changed to a number > 1






Employee hours job code filter

  • A job code filter has been added to the employee hours report



Journal entry batches remain in the same order when closed and reopened

  • When a user creates a journal entry batch, if they close out and save the batch prior to completion, and then return to the batch later, the accounts will now stay in the same order they were in prior to when the user closed out.



Extended data retention 

  • System - > system settings -> accounting now has a new setting for “extend batch detail data retention” which will allow for this data to be preserved for 12 months




Area column added to the Item receipt report


  • The item receipt report now includes the area in which an item was received 



Projected member billing monthly and annual reports group rentals under billing schedules

  • Both the projected member billing monthly and annual reports now properly group rentals underneath their billing schedules 



OceanFirstBank positive pay export update

  • We have made some changes to the formatting of the OceanFirstBank positive pay export as well as having this file be exported as a .txt file




Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Item combo buttons were not displaying the correct price if the combo was updated to include duplicate items

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Dependent/spouse members set to a status with “Do not allow pos usages” were being allowed to be checked in with their primary member

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where discounted items were not having the discount changes when using the change qty button

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where deleted items in cma were appearing in MPOS when searching for items

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where billing schedules were not appearing correctly on member statements when members and their spouse/dependents have multiple instances of the same billing schedule, but with different rental items

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the guest rooms night audit wizard was picking up rooms that had been checked out already. 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the member charge wizard was incorrectly removing the member field in some instances when sorting by various columns

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the inventory transaction summary export report was incorrectly updating the qty of an item to include the qty received on an IR that was created after the last date the report was filtering for. 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the credit book wizard was opening to an empty lookup form if there were no unposted credit book batches instead of opening you to the new batch creation. Another issue that was addressed here was if there was an unposted batch the system would sometimes not show you the unposted batch until you post a new batch.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where guest rooms that were checked out early were still appearing on the next day in the calendar


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