Office (07.25.22) Release


July 25, 2022






Mobile POS


Spa services can now have multiple services added to 1 ticket

  • When a member has multiple appointments created within the same “system”, staff members will now have the ability to select multiple appointments and be prompted to add them to 1 ticket or multiple tickets. 


Unnamed guests will now count towards the attendee column for events in MPOS

  • We made a change to what data the Events Attendee column looks at in MPOS, so now if you have an event with no fee associated with it unnamed guests will now be taken into account for that column


Items acting as modifiers will now prompt a user to add that items modifiers when added to a ticket

  • When a server presses the “change modifier” button in MPOS and adds an item acting as a modifier, if that item acting as a modifier has modifiers of its own, the user will now be prompted to select those modifiers automatically.


New setting for “do not print $0 quick settle tickets”

  • A new setting has been added to terminals in CMA for “Do not print $0 quick settle tickets”. This setting only impacts Mobile POS and is mostly useful for clubs utilizing $0 check-in items for check-in kiosk devices


Tee times Tee letter and Tee # now appear outside the member info box

  • Currently, as long as there are multiple reservations set for a single time in Tee Times, the Tee letter and Tee # will appear outside the member info box in Mobile POS 


Training mode

  • Implemented Training mode in Mobile POS. This means that clubs can now mark employees in CMA as a training mode employee and when the punch in to Mobile POS they will be able to practice things like selling gift cards, running through the entirety of the ticket settlement process, and other mobile pos functionality without having any of the tickets print to the ticket or any of the financial data flow back to CMA.

Mobile POS reports have been consolidated under a Reports header in the left hand flyout

  • The end of shift report, shift history report, and ticket audit report have all been consolidated underneath a single “Reports” header in the left hand flyout

Employee Lookup now filters employees by the area

  • When a reservation comes through to MPOS and is in the dining tab, when a staff member goes to create a ticket for the reservation and is prompted to “Select a server” the system will now filter the employee lookup by employees who are set to that area. 

Implemented “GroupSettlement” field on ticket templates in Mobile POS

  • Made a change to the system so that if the “Group Settlement” field on a receipt ticket template is set to true, credit books and etc will be grouped into 1 line instead of broken out on their own lines. 

Ability to turn off special instructions for Mobile Ordering

  • Clubs now have the ability to turn off special instructions for mobile orders from within the menu settings




Price schedules now affect check-in items

  • When a price schedule has been created for an item that is being used as a check-in item, the system will now apply the price schedule to the item when used for a check-in

Rental Item names have been added to the rental billing schedule on a members statement

  • Made a change in CMA so that a rental items name that is used for a rental billing schedule will be added on the member statement in the following format: “rental billing schedule name - rental item name” 



Member Type will automatically sync to paycloud 


  • When a new member type is added in CMA it is automatically added to the list of types to be synced to paycloud. For clubs with multiple paycloud endpoints if they enable the “when a new member type is created automatically sync it” setting a warning message will pop up informing them that we do not recommend enabling this for more than 1 endpoint at a time. 


Updated the duplicate sku dialogue box

  • The verbiage for the duplicate sku dialogue box has been updated to include what sku number is in use and with what item. 

Ability to copy a combo

  • When a user clicks on “save and new” for a combo item, the system will now give them the ability to copy the combo they’re working on. When the new combo is created the price of the individual items, total price, name, and desc will all need to be reset, but the settings for the item combo will flow through. 

Item combo sales report

  • We have created a new report called the “Item combo sales report” this interactive report functions much like the “Item Sales” report, but only shows item combos sold in POS. Note: item combos sold in mpos prior to this report being pushed will not show in the report

Ability to adjust Vendors on IR’s 

  • For IR’s that have yet to be pulled into a vendor invoice, users will now have the ability to edit the vendor on the IR 


Ability to multi-edit item price by %

  • Users will now have the ability to multi edit items on the item grid and change their prices by a %


Classic POS


Service charge text on the shift summary report can now be changed

  • Updated the ticket template used for the summary report such that the servicechargetext field can now be named whatever a club wishes to name them


Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where messages that were added to an item were not correctly being added beneath the parent item

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where areas that have “require ticket cover count” were unable to be sent with a cover count of 0

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where vouchers set to expire on the last day of the month were not able to be used on the last day of the month

  • Classic POS - fixed an issue where users were unable to print pay receipts when closing out guest room folios through CPOS order entry screen in CMA

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the errors button on SJ batches was incorrectly not taking into account discounts on items and showing those items as being the cause of the error

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where when creating a multi-room booking in guest rooms the subsequent rooms (after the primary room) were not being added under the sponsoring members name

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where customizing a dependent members billing schedule would remove other dependent members billing schedules from the primary members billing tab

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the “Income statement” report was changing the order of accounts based on the “Hide zero balance accounts” setting


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