Office (06.06.22) Release


June 06, 2022






Mobile POS


Tee Times now show the “Tee Letter” 

  • When multiple groups are teeing off at the same time but in different groups on tee times, MPOS will now show the “Tee Letter” as well as the amount of holes being played.



The End of Shift Report now has CC Surcharging split onto its own line

  • The CC Surcharge amount is now split onto a separate line, but is not subtracted from the CC payment total 






Vendors can now have attachments added to their profiles

  • When managing a vendor in CMA a user can now add attachments to the vendor profile via the “Attachments” node on the lefthand flyout under “other”

Screen Group Designer Pop up + delete

  • When attempting to save a screen group with an unlinked button, a warning pop-up will appear and if saved the unlinked buttons will be deleted.



Manage Vendors grid has a new customized column

  • The customized columns dropdown for the manage vendors grid has a new “Vendor Department” column that has been added allowing a user to filter vendors by the departments they are part of



Notes report

  • A new interactive report exists under the membership tab for “Member Notes” now exists. This report will pull a list of all members who have a note on their file as well as the title of the note and a part of/the entire note depending on the notes length


Inventory Transfer Wizard

  • Created an inventory transfer wizard so that items can more easily be transferred from one area to another without affecting average cost of goods sold

Inventory Count Wizard dialogue box update

Updated the inventory count wizards dialogue box to include a warning to the user about not being able to return to the print summary if they continue and finalize the process

Guest Rooms Cancellation Report

Added another new report in interactive reports for a “ Room Cancellation List” report so that clubs can more easily track guest rooms cancellations.


“Last Received” column added to Inventory on Hand report

  • “Last Received” column added to Inventory on Hand report


Extended the SQL timeout for major reports

Items purchased by member, inventory aging, inventory on hand, inventory transaction history, inventory transaction summary, item sales, daily sales, monthly sales summary have all had their default SQL timeouts increased to 10 minutes so that they won’t timeout as often.


Charge Batches (SJ Batches) will now inform the user what ticket is causing the batch to be out of balance 

  • When a charge balance is out of balance, the system will now inform the user as to what ticket is causing the out of balance issue.

Vendor payments that have no checks printed can now be unposted

  • Users now have the ability to unpost a vendor payment batch so long as no checks have been printed yet.

Voucher Expiration Wizard

  • Users now have the ability to use a voucher expiration wizard to change the expiration date of vouchers as well as reducing the remaining balance of vouchers by the full amount or partial amounts.



Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where when the “Prep Details Grouping” was marked as true in CMA, the system was adding a “0” before the message on the prep ticket

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue item multiplier functions were not working if you created a screen group button that applied the multiplier

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Income Statement Consolidated by category drill down report was not properly filtering the data when selecting a single category to filter on

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Income Statement Consolidated Rolling report was showing “#Error” under the net profit/loss section of the report

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where Quick Checks were not taking into account partial invoice payments and would error telling the user “check amount must equal the line total” 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where quarterly minimums were ignoring the last day of the month and not properly allocating money spent on the last day towards the minimum

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Income Statement report was sometimes reordering accounts depending on the filters set

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the columns within the Item Sales by Tender Type report were not factoring in discounts properly


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