Office (1.15.18) Release

Office - Release Notes



    • Increased batch control total number of digits from five to six.

      Use Cases: All batch numbers system wide will now allow for six digits versus the previous setting that only allowed for five digits.

1099 Forms

    •  Updated 1099 Forms for tax year 2017 are now available.

System - Change Log

    • Administrative Group users can now access Change Log Reporting.

      Use Cases: Previously, only Clubessential Administrators had access to the Audit change log. Now, Club Administrators can also access this audit trail from the System drop down menu. The Change Log search feature includes a date range picker, search by User, search by Module, and Filter. Admins also have the capability to export search results.

Financial Report Writer

    • Updated functions to allow for an optional "Day" parameter, allowing filtering of digits 1-31.

      Use Case: Previously, the only parameters were Year and Period. Now, a Day filter function has been added to allow for a more manageable data set return.

Reports - Sales Forecast

    • Guest Room Sales Forecast can now be grouped by Room Type.

      Use Case: Previously, the Sales Forecast report would only show information from each day grouped together. Now, each day expands categorizing information by room type.

System Settings - Membership - Automatic Suspension

    • Users can now configure automatic suspension. The feature will move a member from one status to another in order to prevent charging privileges when balance is overdue.

      Use Case: Users can specify settings to automatically suspend an account dependent upon certain settings. In the example below, an Automatic Suspension has been enabled (changing the members status to Inactive), when their 90 day balance exceeds $100. These settings also allow the User to define if the entire family will be suspended as well as an automatic reinstatement when all conditions are met.

End of Shift Reports

    • Added the ability to hide tip lines and customize the total description on the End Of Shift Report.

      Use Case: Hiding the tip line/service charge line as well as customizing the description, will allow for Clubs to adhere to various laws and regulations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where an inventoried item could be sold at POS by using change quantity even though the changed quantity exceeds the items on hand.

  • Fixed issue with Credit Book grid showing unposted credit book.

  • Fixed issue with New Guest Room Reservation, Member Lookup grid not saving custom changes.

  • Fixed issue when importing a master-detail vendor invoice, it was truncating the last character on detail rows.

  • Fixed issue on the Installment Billing report where Avg Bill column was not rounding to 2 decimal places.

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