Office (10.22.18) Release

Office - Release Notes



Classic Office


Please Note: This feature will only affect Clubs using PayCloud with Multi-AR accounts.

  • Enhanced functionality allows Members to choose the corresponding AR Account to pay for each balance due (in Paycloud), and have the payment applied to the proper account in Office.

Use Case: Previously, Members could make a payment toward one A/R account, and any additional payment application had to be manually performed.  Now, with added functionality, Members can select how much to pay toward each A/R account, and cash receipts will be applied appropriately in Office.  For example, Sally Member has monthly dues but in addition, also has a balance due for her HOA fees. When Sally goes to pay her bill she can now select how much goes to each A/R account to pay off her balance due.  Note: Proper settings must be turned on in Paycloud for this feature to be appropriately applied.

PayCloud Admin Settings: For Multi-AR payment capabilities, ensure the AR Accounts Payments setting is enabled in Club Settings, as seen below. AR Account Display Names can also be edited from this menu.

Member View: Once AR Account Payments setting is enabled, Members will have the option to pay Multiple AR accounts when making a payment, as seen below. Please Note: Members have the option to pay Current Balance or Statement Balance for each AR Account.


 Data Genie (Clubs using Master Reporting Database)

  • Additional master database reporting support within the Data Genie to now include: Employee Hours Worked, Vendor Purchases, Ledger Transactions, and Member Billing.

Use Case: For Clubs with a master reporting database, data genie views previously unavailable can now be viewed at a consolidated level.

System Settings

Membership - Print Member Statement Wizard

  • Enhanced User experience by allowing the option to Use Billing Member’s AR Balance on statement emails to spouse and/or dependent(s).

Use Case: Previously, when Member statements were emailed, the balance snippet on the email would always be for the specific Member receiving the Statement Email, who may not have a balance due (Spouse/Dependent). Now, with increased functionality, Users can choose to select the Use Billing Member’s AR Balances on Statement Email setting. If setting is enabled, when creating an email template during the Print Member Statements Wizard, any place where AR Balances are listed in the email, will now show the Billing Member’s balance instead.

Please Note: The default is for Statement emails to contain the balance snippet for whoever it is being sent to. To change this default, the Use Billing Member’s AR Balances on statement Email setting needs to be checked in System Settings, as seen below.

PayCloud Users

  • Enhanced User experience by showing the Member’s Credit Book balance in Paycloud by the Transaction date of the batch in CMA instead of the Created Date.

Use Case: Members can now view the actual transaction date of the Credit Book instead of the previous view of the creation date. This feature clears some confusion for Members who see the date of their Credit Book creation date, which would not always be the same as the date of their transaction.

Mobile POS (Pilot Clubs Only)

Please Note: These changes only affect Clients piloting the Mobile POS program.

 Voucher Support

  • Enhanced User experience by allowing the use and sale of Vouchers on Mobile POS.

Use Case: Previously, Mobile POS did not support Voucher usage. Users can now sell Voucher packs to Members and redeem Voucher packs for purchases (which syncs with CMA & Classic POS). When using a Member’s Voucher for a purchase, the system will ask to confirm the use of a Voucher, including details on remaining Vouchers and expiration date. Users can also view the Member’s remaining Voucher packs in CMA, as seen below.

Please Note: This functionality allows Vouchers sold in Classic POS can be redeemed in Mobile POS and Vouchers sold in Mobile POS to be redeemed in Classic POS. All Voucher transactions are now fully integrated with CMA, specifically the Member Voucher Transactions Report.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for clubs using ETS within the Member Payments wizard when Capturing Funds and the system requiring multiple mouse clicks for every payment being captured.

  • Fixed an issue where the blue underline which appeared under the selected tab in the Mobile POS dashboard was not showing.

  • Fixed an issue when adding amenities to a guest room reservation and the amenity is not properly added to every day of the reservation.

  • Fixed an issue when doing an ADP timekeeping export and rates not breaking out into separate lines.

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