Office (3.15.21) Release


Mobile POS

  • Change Item Price:

    • Item Lookup now provides the ability to change an Item Price on the fly for users with System Tools permissions.

    • Item Price changes made within Mobile POS will sync back to CMA. 

    • The Item Audit Log will reflect the user that completed the price change.


  • Create Timekeeping Detail

    • Users now have the ability to create a new Timekeeping Detail in a Timesheet within Manage Timekeeping. 

    • Previously, Timekeeping Details could only be edited.


  • Transfer Tickets Grid Shows Only Clocked In Employees

    • When a club is utilizing Timekeeping in Mobile POS, the Transfer Tickets grid will only show employees that are clocked in, so that a user doesn’t accidentally transfer a ticket to a staff member that is not currently working.


  • Reason Code Display Order:

    • Reason Code Display Order created in Area Settings will now sync to Mobile POS. 

    • Users can now control the order reason codes are displayed in Mobile POS and can place most commonly used codes near the top for easy selection.

    • Display order is top-down, left-right.


  • Ticket Message Wrap:

    • Ticket Messages that exceed the ticket width will now wrap onto the next line instead of truncating at ticket width, ensuring the full message is always displayed.

Mobile Ordering

  • Ability to Define “Visible” or “Accepting” Only Days:

    • Users will now have the following 3 options for both Visibility and Accepting within the "Edit Mobile Menu" Grid:

      • None

      • Timed

      • All Day 

    • This will allow Clubs to make a menu visible and allow future orders for a given day without accepting orders for that same day and vice versa.



  • Record Dispute Fees in CE Payments Settlement Batch:

    • Fees associated with CE Payments Chargebacks and Disputes will now be automatically recorded in CE Payments Settlement GJ batches.


  • Bank Reconciliation Report:

    • The Bank Reconciliation Report has been updated to have a uniform date format across all sections of data.

    • The “Add Deposits in Transit” section of the report has been updated to show both Reference and Description for items in the “Description” column.


  • Department Number Added to GL Transactions Grid:

    • Department number has been added as a column that can be placed on the GL Transactions Grid. Previously users could only add the department name.


  • Suppress Unused Accounts on G/L Transaction Report:

    • Users will now see a checkbox setting on the General Ledger Transaction Report allowing them to "Suppress $0 Balance/Activity Accounts". 

    • Checking the box will hide accounts with $0 Beg/End Balances and $0 Net Change.


  • Allow Up to 50 Custom Fields on Rental Items:

    • The Rental Items Grid has been updated to allow for up to 50 custom fields. 

    • The limit was previously 30.

    • This will be beneficial to Marina Management clubs that can require a tremendous number of custom fields to manage their rentals.


  • Display Mobile POS Ticket # in Invoice Transfer Wizard:

    • The Invoice Transfer Wizard has been updated to show Mobile POS ticket numbers in the Ticket # column. 

    • Previously, there were 2 separate columns: Ticket # for Classic POS tickets and Mobile Ticket # for Mobile POS tickets.  

    • These columns have been merged into 1 and will show any ticket number regardless if it’s Classic or Mobile.


  • Support for “Cloud SG” on Area Save & New:

    • When creating a new Area using the “Save & New” option in CMA, the “Cloud SG” setting will now also be copied into the newly created Area.


Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Hotfixed a caching issue that prevented some users from being able to access Mobile POS.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue with the Axis Activities integration where users sometimes couldn’t create a ticket with a Guest attendee. 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where the system was not respecting “Auto Increment Cover Count” if it was set at the Item Category level.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where discounts on items in Mobile POS could sometimes calculate an incorrect Credit Book eligible amount.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue with the Deletes/Comps/Discounts/Voids report where the system would show incorrect items in a combo that was deleted from a Retail Mobile POS ticket.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where deleted AR accounts could show in the System Settings Order to Apply Payments list.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue with the Quick Check wizard where users could post a batch into a closed period.

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